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09/05/17 - SF State sued twice before third week of fall semester

In the current political climate where social unrest pervades college campuses around the country, some SF State students think the university is at odds with its own values of equity, inclusion and diversity. more

08/31/17 - New SF State forum brings racial issues on campus to light

The first-ever discussion forum hosted by the new Division of Equity and Community Inclusion (DECI) office turned into an event that focused more on quality than quantity.About a quarter of the two-tiered circle of chairs in Jack Adams Hall was filled as DECI hosted an open forum for students to speak on the political climate they feel at SF State sparked by the events that occurred in Charlottesville earlier this month. more

08/24/14/17 - Dean of College of Ethnic Studies files lawsuit against SF State

The dean of the College of Ethnic Studies Department (COES) at SF State filed a lawsuit yesterday, suing the University for unlawful discrimination, harassment, retaliation and defamation.

On Wednesday, Aug. 23, Kenneth P. Monteiro, Ph.D., dean of the COES, filed the suit in the San Francisco Superior Court, after the University failed to respond to a formal administrative complaint. The suit lists as defendants: San Francisco State University, President Leslie Wong and other administrators.  more

08/23/17 - SF State Ethnic Studies dean sues university, alleges discrimination. 

The dean of San Francisco State University’s historic College of Ethnic Studies sued the university Wednesday and accused its president and California State University of harassing, retaliating and discriminating against him because he is a gay black man trying to keep his program afloat. more

08/23/17 - Threat to College of Ethnic Studies at SF State University Triggers Lawsuit

SAN FRANCISCO (August 23, 2017) - In an effort to thwart the systematic dismantling of the College of Ethnic Studies (COES) at San Francisco State University (SFSU), an unprecedented lawsuit against the university and its president has been filed by the college’s dean after the university failed to respond to a formal administrative complaint.    

Kenneth P. Monteiro, PhD, Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies for more than ten (10) years, filed the lawsuit in San Francisco, CA Superior Court against SFSU, President Wong and other SFSU administrators alleging that Wong and administrators engaged in, and subjected Dean Monteiro to, (1) unlawful discrimination, (2) harassment, (3) retaliation, and (4) defamation.    

The suit follows a formal complaint filed with SFSU by Dean Monteiro alleging, among other claims, that SFSU, Wong and other administrators retaliated against Monteiro for protesting annual COES budget cuts and defamed Monteiro by publicly issuing false claims that Monteiro had, for several years, overspent and mismanaged the COES budget.    

According to his San Francisco-based lawyer Timothy Moppin, by filing this lawsuit, “Dean Monteiro is putting the SFSU community on notice that he will no longer tolerate SFSU’s continued subjugation of the COES and its ethnic minority students to “death by a thousand budget cuts” in an effort to shut down the historic and iconic COES, while issuing continued affronts to his professional reputation and making disingenuous and false claims of commitment to the COES”, said Moppin.    

Moppin also noted that, in light of Dean Monteiro’s status as the Past President of the American Association of Blacks in Higher Education, and long-standing membership on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Ethnic Studies, and finally, as a pioneering and celebrated member of the SFSU administrative and academic communities, “Dean Monteiro hopes his lawsuit will act as a serious “wake-up” call, to force the SFSU administration to take the action required to demonstrate its philosophical, programmatic and financial commitment to COES”, said Moppin.    

“The substantive issues that were privately addressed in the Administrative Complaint filed by Dean Monteiro earlier this year that were not taken seriously, and in fact, were totally ignored by SFSU, are now formally and publicly addressed in his lawsuit”, continued Moppin.    

On the occasion of the filing of his lawsuit, Dean Monteiro said; “As the historic 50th Anniversary of the birth of the COES rapidly approaches, it is my sincere hope that this lawsuit will serve to not only stop SFSU’s Trojan-Horse style of attacks from within that are clearly geared toward dissembling and dismantling the historic COES, its decades of good works and powerful contributions to inter-ethnic cooperation, but also to restore the COES to its status as the national leader promoting an education that has proven to encourage intercultural understanding and universal academic success.    Moreover, we can refocus and provide SFSU the institutional energy required to catapult the COES – a program, the creation of which was the direct by-product of the historic SFSU student strikes in 1967 and 1968, and ultimately served as the template for the creation of ethnic studies programs at many colleges and universities across the nation-- back to the leadership position it occupied for decades as it enthusiastically contributed to the students’ transformation of SFSU into the “peoples university”, and helped make SFSU a national leader in accessible, relevant higher education for a diverse world,” said Monteiro.    

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